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Paradigm Security Services and the Paradigm Shift in Security

Security is undergoing a paradigm shift. It’s needed more now than ever before, and it’s becoming more and more sophisticated as tools, techniques and client needs continue to evolve.

Paradigm Security Services, Norcross, GA, is keeping its clients ahead of the shift. Founder Rick Strawn, a retired 25-year veteran of the Atlanta Police Dept., applies the experience of criminal and white-collar crime detective work to innovative consulting and executive protection services. As a result, clients ranging from property and facility managers to corporate security directors of national and international companies rely on Paradigm to resolve security issues and develop and implement strategic security policies and procedures that prevent problems.

While each client has unique security needs, professionalism is the common thread throughout Paradigm’s personnel and programs. Paradigm’s managers, with more than 200 years of combined professional experience, carefully vet and train everyone assigned to protect your interests. Our highly regarded training programs are used by private security firms and law enforcement departments throughout the Southeast.

Our services include:

If you feel something is missing from your security program or if you wish to develop and implement a program for your property or business, you’ll want to talk to us. If you want to help your employees or community residents become better able to deal with various threats, you’ll want to help them through Lunch & Learn Presentations and Town Hall Meetings.

Contact us today – by phone (678-684-4400) or email – to schedule a consultation. We’ll listen to your concerns and explore ways to relieve them.

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